Brand design for a 3-wheeler based urban mobility service.

My update for the Indian auto rickshaw - Tuk is a concept for electric, 3-wheeled, guided transportation. I designed branding, UI and UX around a novel vehicle that lets you explore a city with more immediacy than a car and less exhaustion than walking.

ToolsAdobe Illustrator, Keynote, Adobe XD

Travel for the curious and eco-conscious

Initial inspiration

Inspired by my own childhood growing using rickshaws in Bombay, I wanted to bring the same feeling of curiosity and adventure to ridesharing. I combined the idea of having a modern, electric rickshaw with a service that would encourage discovery and exploration through local recommendations.

Electric rickshaw design by Zbee

Logo sketching and refinement

After sketching out 100 different logos, I picked one that represented the shape of the rickshaw best. I took that logo and began to abstract and simplify it further to the simplest possible representation.

The final logo consists of simplified contours of the rickshaw that hint at the face of a sparrow –
a nimble bird that can get around places very fast – which hints at the eco-friendliness and efficiency of Tuk

Final Style Tile