The Glitch Mob
A wallpaper that got me into college.

Every designer gets to put one self-indulgent piece in their portfolio - this is mine. I made this in the 6th grade, and the surprising global reaction to it helped me get into college.

It started with a song.

One fine day browsing YouTube in 2008, I stumbled onto the music of The Glitch Mob, a electronic music group based in Los Angeles. I was mesmerized by their album Drink The Sea, which featured a fresh, experimental sound I had never heard of before.

I was in love with this album, so I used this love to motivate myself to learn some new skills and create something. I taught myself how to use Adobe Photoshop to create a wallpaper inspired by The Glitch Mob and Drink The Sea. After finishing this wallpaper, I uploaded it to the now-defunct wallpaper website It received a bit of attention there, which was nice.

5 years later

In 2013, I joined Instagram so I could keep in touch with my friends and the visual and musical artists I loved. Naturally, I followed the @theglitchmob there. They were having a contest on their Instagram, where they would feature art posted with the hashtag #GlitchMobInspired. I made a post about my old wallpaper and added a link. This got reposted by them, calling¬†it “super cool”.

Eventually, I realized that numerous websites had reposted and shared my wallpaper, causing it to become one of the top Google Images results for “glitch mob wallpaper”, and it still remains a top result to this day. One example of this is¬†, where it was featured as a daily wallpaper, albeit incorrectly named and uncredited. It has been downloaded over 19,000 times there.

I was very inspired and humbled by the online response to my wallpaper. At one point, I realized that I wanted to be a designer. I used this piece as a part of my application to the Interaction Design program at California College of Arts. I was accepted!

Meeting Ooah and Boreta

In 2014, the last year of high school, The Glitch Mob decided to come to Bombay for a concert, just minutes from where I lived. I knew I had to see them live!

After their show, I was lucky enough to meet two of their members, Ooah and Boreta, and was curious if they had seen my design. One of them said they instantly recognized it because they had used it as a wallpaper for a long time, which was the ultimate compliment for me both as a fan of their and a designer.