Airby Assistant
Voice UX for Airbnb on Google Home devices.

Unsure or indecisive about what to pack for an Airbnb trip?
Airby is here to help! - suggesting weather-related clothing and other things you might need for your stay. I programmed this conversational interface to help customers feel, calm and confident during this stressful pre-departure period.

ToolsDialogflow, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Sketch

Packing just got a lot less painful.

See the conversation with Airby here.

Reducing the stress from an upcoming stay at Airbnb

We did some research and understood that one of the most stressful times in an Airbnb customer’s experience is when they’re packing for the stay. Hotels are usually more predictable. So what would they like to be reassured on? We designed Airby to offer information on broadband availability, the right travel adaptors, clothing recommendations and more – creating a smarter packing experience.

In order to create this packing experience, it was important to understand the context of packing within the larger Airbnb pre-travel journey.

How can packing be smarter and more personalized?

After isolating the “packing loop” towards the end of the user journey, we began to think about information that could be leveraged to personalize the packing experience. The system map below shows some of the information within the Airbnb ecosystem.

Functionality, conversation mapping

Now that we understood where in the user journey this experience would assist, it became easier for us to decide on key functionality related to user needs at that time.


After that, we wrote a conversation script and made a journey map with it. I worked on coding this script and journey via Google’s Dialogflow platform, and tested and iterated on our conversation until it felt smooth.